Michael Allan Scott

Michael Allan Scott has a way with words. Grey Daze is a well written multi-genre thriller with a paranormal slant that is interesting and subdued enough to be believable.  It took me a bit longer than I usually take to read this kind of work as Mr. Scott does a fantastic job of vividly describing scenes, locations, and characters. I occasionally went back a few pages just to revisit descriptions that are so well written I wanted to read them again. His mastery of the tale allows readers to visualize every scene making it impossible not to get lost in the plot.

I enjoy a good analogy and Michael Allan Scott uses them well; making them original to his story. No clichés to be found here. My favorite line in the book was the opening words to Chapter I: “NERVES JANGLING LIKE downed powerlines on a storm soaked street.”

I loved the fact that one of his characters contemplates between dinner at IHOP or Waffle House. This way of making the reader comfortable in the storyline is something many writers have difficulty achieving. Mr. Scott pulls us in naturally through the characters’ dialogue. We recognize places they may travel or think about, or phrases a character might use. This gives the story a “real feel” as the reader is able to insert his own memories or thoughts into the dialogue.

Mr. Scott’s writing allows the reader to visualize each scene with ease making it impossible not to get lost in the tale.

I HIGHLY recommend this book and give it FIVE STARS. It is contemporary and a fast read (for the most part. Maybe three hours? It took me four hours but I was going back and forth to re-read certain passages).  I recommend this book be read on a rainy evening with a cup of cold press coffee, and a crispy waffle.

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