Sending Books

Authors seeking reviews may send books to:

Writetimes C/O SNP

110 West Force Street

Valdosta, GA 31601


Writetimes began publishing short stories online in the year 2000. The first stories were about the silliness of the year 2000 doomsday scenario. Later we began publishing book reviews which a lot of people took way too seriously. One of the things we did was to incorrectly spell copyright as “copywrite” just to see if anyone noticed. Only one person paid attention and instead of seeing it as amusing as we did, she wrote to us using many expletives. I published her email.

The idea behind WriteTimes was always to promote interesting fiction in a sort of tongue and cheek manner, some of it well written some of it not so good. But each story had merits.

In 2001, we began publishing reviews. Again too many people took the idea way too seriously. When we stopped publishing reviews in 2004, there were 10 volunteer reviewers, reviews were translated into 3 languages, and we were reviewing translated works as well as academic publications. I became extremely bored. I wanted excitement.

I shut WriteTimes down and abandoned the domain or so I thought. It turns out that Snake Nation Press had begun paying for my domain after I left it in 2004. In 2016, I discovered that I still owned the domain, so here I am. I want to raise funds and obtain books for a literacy program I am developing. So, here I am back to book reviews. I am adding a few things though since I am no longer alone with only volunteers as I was in 2004.

Beginning in late summer 2017, we will begin hosting author and writer websites. It’s a good deal for writers and authors, especially those that want to list and sell their books themselves. Authors will be able to choose between a do it yourself program (DIY Barebones) where we install WordPress and provide technical support if needed and the author builds and promotes the site themselves.

Or, authors can take advantage of the full package deal which will include domain purchase or transfer,  WordPress installation, custom pages, Facebook and twitter management, as well as site updates when needed. *This is the best package with one price setup.

We will be offering online workshops using radio and live feed on you tube or Facebook plus a lot more. We are still working out the details.

*Yearly domain, SSL or other premium features, and cost of regular updates are not included in the package cost, but are charged either yearly or monthly depending on elements you have chosen for the site.