About Unscripted and No Direction

Unscripted and no Direction is a You Tube pre-recorded review program. The show will begin airing live in the Fall  of 2017 on both local radio WSNK 103.5 in Valdosta, Ga and online at the WSNK streaming site.

Sending Books

Authors seeking reviews may send books to:

Writetimes C/O SNP

110 West Force Street

Valdosta, GA 31601


The reviews are as one writer put it, “off the cuff. ” I read the books and if I like them, I go on air and talk about them and, in some instances, interview the author (if I really liked it) and if they are willing to participate in a video production.

I do not use my thesaurus to review books. I keep it simple and as fast as I can so that you can get on with buying the book and back to your life.

I don’t do comparisons unless there really is one. If you have written horror, I am not going to compare you to King unless you are really like King, and in that case, it might be seen that you are mimicking King, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending upon how your work appears. So, in reality, this is why I seldom, if ever, compare.

I see authors who compare themselves with high profile authors based on some Amazon review. These authors risk alienating their audience.

I do not post my reviews at Amazon. My primary reason for this is that about 50% of the reviews are either paid for by the author, written by the author, or just faked in order to improve the books ranking on the site. Either your book is Fabulous, Good, Mediocre, or just bad. Amazon ranking will not improve the quality of your book, but those that buy the book will know the quality of your work.

I do post at Goodreads, and will do so until I feel that it too has become a field office for fake reviews.

Ebooks are not on the top of my list for reading. I’ll take them if that is all the author has, but there is no guarantee I will get to them in quick time. I prefer hard or paperback editions.

I have tried over and over to read ebooks both on my computer and my tablet. I find them to be cumbersome due to having the need to charge batteries, lighting issues, and I find them a general nuisance for place keeping and bookmarking. I am unable to mark the book up for review reminders and passages I might wish to quote.

In closing this little page, I would love to review your book. My reviews are honest and I present the book the way I perceived it, rather than use flowery and/or pretentious language to describe it, unless of course your book is intentionally flowery and pretentious. However, if it is unintentionally flowery and pretentious, chances are you won’t hear from me about reviewing your book.

My presence on camera is intended to be a bit tongue in cheek, if you take me too seriously, I am sorry.

Authors pages from the show and the reviews are maintained permanently and are accessible.  They look nice, and it is my hope you will keep a link to your page on our site.

I also hope that you will share your page and our site on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. We are part of a non-profit organization (Snake Nation Press) and any donations we receive fund programs being sponsored by The Snake. We appreciate your support very much.